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Amit Roy

As the new Apple iPhone launches in the US and some other countries on September 25, Indians are waiting to lay their hands on the all-time favourite phone. Unfortunately India is not among the first-wave launch countries, but in by next week unlocked iPhones from abroad will start making their way into the Indian market and will be selling for as high as 1 Lakh INR!

In the ever-growing mobile market in India, Samsung is still going strong because of the reliability and most importantly variety in price range, followed by Micromax, but Indian market is still important for Apple (with 10 percent market share), which is why Apple CEO Tim Cook made a special mention of India in his most awaited and much hyped September 9 Apple event when the company launched improvised versions of iPhone, iPad and the Apple watch.

For the first time Indians will see iPhone hitting the local market early, which means you will be able to buy an Indian billed iPhone 6S much before Diwali when Apple is eyeing to see good sales as compared to last year when iPhone 6 came just a few days before the festival leading to not so encouraging sales.

If you are planning to buy a new high-budget phone for yourself is it worth waiting for the new iPhone? Yes, if you are an iOS lover, but no if you want to shift from an Android or Windows. It is always better to wait as prices tend to drop drastically six months after the launch, provided you have the patience to wait.

With Reliance Jio launching before year end, Indian smart phone market is all set to change, as company plans to offer irresistible offers on smart phones ranging from as low as 4000 INR to 60,000 INR and it will be worth the wait.

If we talk about the top two leaders, Samsung and Micromax in India, Samsung is in an aggressive mode introducing newer models every month, latest being flagship S6 Edge Plus and Note 5. Latest offering from Micromax, which is selling well is Sliver 5 model, presumably the thinnest phone ever launched by the company. The new iPhone will sell, but not as much as 6 last year as in terms of appearance it hasn’t changed except for a new rose gold colour.

Other brands which have been aggressively marketing their products are Sony, LG, Motorola and HTC, but not making much dent in sales of Indian market leaders. While LG G4 was not a big hit despite being a dual SIM phone, HTC could not make much mark with too frequent launches. Sony is all set to introduce Z5 Premium, which will come at a price tag of 70,000 INR and will be the costliest smart phone in the market.

What to buy – Android, iOS or Windows? The choice is yours but if you are looking for a change try Windows as Microsoft plans bring a revolution by integrating phones with laptops. But NBF recommends waiting for a better deal till November end or December when most of the new phones will be there in market and the price war will be at its peak!

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