Smart City proposal to focus on building Chandigarh as a ‘Vibrant Regional Centre’

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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Northern Region in collaboration with Chandigarh Administration organised a group discussion on Chandigarh as a Smart City, at CII NR Headquarters in Sector 31-A, on Wednesday.

“CII firmly believes that the term ‘Smart City’ needs to be defined in the context of each urban habitat, as models from developed countries may not be readily transplantable. Hence, preparatory work is required to link the deployment of ‘smart’ initiatives to outcomes relevant in the local context,” said Dr Dinesh Dua, Chairman CII Chandigarh Council.

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“The Smart Cities Mission aims to create a Knowledge Repository on Smart Cities which includes expertise sharing and technology developments, successful global case studies, engagement agreements, solutions, whitepapers, reports et al. Besides, the Mission aims to work with the various national and international institutions associated with it to devise key framework for the development and execution of Smart Cities Mission,” he added.

B Purushartha, Commissioner Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, said “With a focus on sustainability and liveability, we are working towards revising our Smart City proposal. To make Chandigarh an ideal smart city, which is innovative, democratic, economically vibrant, accessible and safely liveable, the role of its citizens and all stakeholders in providing bright and sharp ideas as also work together cohesively as a unit is the key.”

Vishal Kundra, Associate Director, AECOM, said, “The new proposal to pitch Chandigarh as Smart City, will focus on building Chandigarh as a vibrant regional centre. The new proposal, to be submitted by April 15, 2016, will capitalise on strong social, intellectual and cultural heritage of the City. We are focusing on promoting more activities in the fields of arts, culture, sports and innovation possible. A vibrant Chandigarh will use technology to enable enhancement in governance, providing the citizens real time information while giving them tools to make daily choices. Chandigarh will tap into its tourism potential building upon its natural resources, architectural heritage, distinct regional identity and opportunities.”

Revised key points of government’s revised proposal to be submitted by April 15 will be:

  • Promote low carbon mobility strategies by introducing vehicle free zones – internal areas of sector 17, Transitioning diesel operated auto-rickshaws to E-rickshaws over time, Electric Buses (Refurbishment of Existing Buses) for ABD and Battery Operated Buses for Intra movement of sector 17 to aid in non-motorised movement in ABD area; Public bike sharing program
  • Pedestrian signage and way-finding
  • Adaptive re-use of Press Building as incubation center
  • Smart Signaling and Traffic Surveillance
  • ITS Application in Public Transport including Smart Ticketing, Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System
  • Smart On-Street Parking
  • 24 x 7 Water Supply
  • Recycled Water Supply
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Smart Metering for power and water
  • Introducing bicycle trail in Leisure valley with trail nodes
  • Sidewalk improvements, Handicap accessible sidewalks, comprehensive bicycle network
  • Installation of Solar based LED Street Lighting along with installation of new light poles along streets and public parks, Solar roof top
  • Provision of Public Toilets along with Bus-Stops to provide better facilities
  • Undergrounding surface parking lots into MLCP structures and making space available on ground for other activities like food on wheels, art/cultural events spaces, exhibition/display spaces etc.

“CII is committed to working with the UT Administration to make Chandigarh a Smart City with focus on providing basic amenities like clean air, safe drinking water, easier access to smart and good quality education, convenient and cheaper transport facilities, sufficient incomes, nutritional food, shelter, clean and hygienic conditions and security to all people, including those living at the base of pyramid,” said Vikram Hans, Past Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council.

The participants shared their views and suggestions in groups on different parameters to make our own Chandigarh a Smart City.

The Group Discussion featured participation of key UT officials, including Vishal Kundra, City Challenge Associate Director, AECOM, B Purushartha, Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, Bhupesh Chaudhary, Assistant Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, and Vikram Hans, Past Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council were the panel of experts on the occasion of Group Discussion.

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