Now patients with hundred percent blockages in heart arteries can avoid bypass

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There is a good news for those who have hundred percent blockage in heart arteries and do not want to go through the complications or ordeal of undergoing a bypass surgery.

The technique – Coronary angioplasty of chronic total occlusion is the option for such patients.

Japanese have developed special skills in opening up fully-blocked arteries and inserting bio-absorbable stents in patients whose bypass surgery cannot be done, and this technique is now available with Max Hospital in Mohali, informed Dr. Sudhir Saxena of Max Hospital, while addressing media persons in Mohali on Tuesday.

Dr. Kawajiri a highly specialized intervention cardiologist from Japan and an expert in coronary angioplasty in chronic total occlusion (CTO) organized a live demonstration of new life-saving technique for heart patients to treat patients with 100 percent blockage of heart artery in Max Hospital Mohali.

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri visited Max Hospital to demonstrate the technique and train the cardiologists about the procedure for handling hundred-percent blockage of coronary artery.

Dr. Sudheer Saxena said that Max Hospital have had three workshops by Japanese doctors, and the fourth one was conducted by Dr. Kawajiri, in order to make special efforts to tie-up with world-class super-specialists who, not only share their expertise with us, but also save lives with the latest know-how and technology.

Dr. Sudhir Saxena informed that due to robust advancements in angioplasty, in many parts of the world the bypass surgery is being phased out and in countries like Japan 99 percent of surgeries are done through angioplasty.

Dr. Kawajiri informed that in developed countries, open heart surgery is becoming less popular, even when 100 percent blockage of artery is there, as less-invasive procedure has been developed, like antegrade and retrograde angioplasty, with which blocked arteries can be opened safely, and stent can be deployed.

At Max Hospital Mohali eight such advanced angioplasty procedures have been done in critical patients, and three more were planned by Max team along with Dr. Kawajiri, Dr. Saxena informed.

Total coronary artery blockage is a serious condition and is widely prevalent in population of the region due to sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, consumption of saturated fat, and hypertension, Dr. Saxena said.

Even though, the procedure has high cost due to additional requirement of some medical stuff but yet Max hospital was not charging the additional cost and the procedure was being undertaken at normal cost only, informed Dr. Saxena.

This is a minimal invasive procedure and patient can be discharged in two days who can resume normal life, he added.

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