Incident of arson during Jat protests not possible with a conspiracy- Haryana CM

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Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has said that incidents of arson that occurred in Rohtak, at such a large scale during the recent agitation, cannot be committed without a conspiracy. He said that it was not possible without a political conspiracy and this act of demonic mentality should be highly condemned.

The Chief Minister, who visited Rohtak on Monday to see for himself the properties set on fire during the recent agitation for reservation was shocked and dumbfounded to see the burnt house of Finance Minister Capt. Abhimanyu and the Sindhu Bhawan.

File photo- shops put on fire in Rohtak during Jat protests Photo courtesy-

File photo- shops put on fire in Rohtak during Jat protests                                                                       Photo courtesy-

After visiting the house of Finance Minister, the Chief Minister went to Sindhu Bhawan and enquired whether the room of Chaudhary Mitrsen was also set on fire? Thereafter, he entered the room of Chaudhary Mitrsen but was dumbfounded on seeing that everything was reduced to ashes, even the rare books which were kept in an almirah in the room by Chaudhary Mitrsen. However, he consoled Veer Sen Sindhu and appreciated the patience which he exercised at that crucial hour. He also met Parmeshwari Devi, wife of Chaudhary Mitrsen, who said that it was because of education given to them by Chaudhary Mitrsen that they exercised restraint.

Later on, while replying to questions of media persons, Manohar Lal said that he was in Rohtak to see the damaged properties of the people. The economic loss can be recovered but people have been badly hurt, their flourishing businesses have been reduced to ashes. Someone’s shop has been set on fire while someone’s showroom had been reduced to ashes. Visit to these places had made him realize that it could be the work of people with demonic mentality and it should be highly condemned. He said that even a temple and a yajnashala had been burnt in the house of Finance Minister.

When asked that who could be behind this violence, the Chief Minister said that the Judicial Commission would look into it. The guilty would not be able to get scot free. After seeing the house of Finance Minister, one can say that this was not possible without a political conspiracy. The incidents of arson are part of a conspiracy. The lives of the members of the family were in danger.

When his attention was drawn towards the allegation that traders were being forced to sign the form of compensation, the Chief Minister replied that in case the trader was not satisfied, he should not sign. The government has sought the help of even social organizations to assess the loss. One must get compensation for the damage suffered and the government is completely serious on the issue.

When pointed out that he had said that cases registered against the people would be withdrawn, the Chief Minister made it clear that he had never committed that all cases would be withdrawn. But if someone was not guilty, he should not be scared as such cases would be withdrawn. Those who are guilty would not be spared.

When asked to comment that what action would be taken on the report of the Parkash Committee, the Chief Minister said that the Committee was constituted to investigate the role of officers and he would comment on it after receiving the report.

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