If industrialist cans get waivers, why can’t farmers: Sanjay Singh

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Lashing heavily on the policies of the centre and state government, Aam Aadmi Party Punjab affairs in charge Sanjay Singh said that it is strange that the farmers of the country who feed the nation are dying of starvation.

“If the big industrialist of the country can get waivers, then why is peasantry dying of debt?” asked Sanjay.

Addressing the media at Press Club, Sanjay Singh criticized Modi government for letting the fraudsters flee from the country after duping the government and private firm for thousand of crores. “The industrialists get waivers of lakhs and crores rupees but if any farmer has to pay 50-55 thousands to bank, he is harassed by the government and the banks to an extent that he takes extreme steps” said Sanjay.

Sanjay also asked to release the name of people who have duped the government of thousands of crores and now denying paying back the loan. “Even the Supreme Court of India has asked the government to release the names but due to his friendship with these fraudsters Modi is not doing it” said Sanjay Singh.

Sanjay expressed happiness over the recent survey results that indicate AAP winning around 100 seats in upcoming elections.  “The recent surveys have cleared the picture that the people of Punjab are with Aam Aadmi Party and it is going to form government with huge margin” Sanjay Singh said.

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