Haryana government notifies scheme to provide affordable housing

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With a view to provide affordable housing, the Haryana Government has notified the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana. This policy has been framed to encourage the development of high-density plotted colonies for low and medium potential towns in the State.

An official spokesperson of Haryana government said that small plots would be made available through a liberal policy framework. Apart from this, all such projects would be required to be completed within seven years from the date of grant of license, he added.

Under this policy, projects would be allowed only in the residential zone of the notified development plans of low and medium potential towns of the State. Further, in any residential sector, not more than 30 per cent of the net planned area under residential zone, inclusive of the 20 per cent area limit allowed for group housing projects, would be allowed for projects under this policy. However, if a residential sector has an area of less than 50 acres, one such project would be allowed up to 15 acres.

He said that the minimum and maximum net planned area for such projects would be five acres and 15 acres, respectively, irrespective of the Development Plan where such project is proposed. Not more than 10 per cent of the licensed area would fall under sector roads. He said that the first licence would be obtained for an area of five acres or more and additional licence for a minimum of two acres could be obtained to take the aggregated area of colony up to 15 acres.

He said that grant of licence would be considered under this policy, initially against 20 per cent group housing area limit in such sectors. Once the area under 20 per cent limit stands exhausted on account of either group housing licences or affordable housing policy 2013 projects or under the present policy, grant of any further licence under this policy would be considered only up to a further limit of 10 per cent of the net planned area under residential zone of such sector.

The opening window for the receipt of licence applications would be 90 days from the notification of this policy. During this period, in case the receipt of licence applications in a particular sector for area is less than the total area permitted in that sector under the policy, all the eligible applications would be considered for grant of licence subject to the minimum area norm of five acres and maximum area norm of 15 acres. Applications would be entertained on an ongoing basis till the availability of area in any specific sector or any specific development plan vis-a-vis the area limits prescribed under this policy gets licensed.

In case, the receipt of licence applications in a particular sector for area is more than total area permitted in that sector, then every applicant would be eligible for minimum five acres and the balance area would be allowed to every applicant in proportion to the balance permitted area vis-a-vis balance applied area. However, if all the applications cannot be accommodated in view of minimum area norms, the Director General Town and Country Planning Department could consider all applications by increasing the permitted area up to 40 per cent of net planned area of residential sector. If all the applications cannot be considered even within 40 per cent of net planned area, draw of lots would be conducted.

The spokesman said that after the receipt of application, complete in all respects, the decision regarding either issuance of Letter of Intent or return or rejection of licence application would be conveyed to the applicant within a period of six months from the receipt of application.

While explaining the planning and area parameters for the projects allowed under this policy, he said that maximum area of plots to be permitted is 150 square metres, minimum and maximum density permitted is 240 to 400 persons per acre (PPA) and maximum area allowed under residential and commercial plots is 65 per cent of the licensed area. He said that allotment of 50 per cent residential plots covering saleable area (excluding 50 per cent area frozen by the Department) would be undertaken in the first phase by the licensee or coloniser. However, the coloniser would also carry out development works simultaneously on this area also. The applicant would have an option to deposit the cost of internal development works with the concerned Municipality as per mutually decided rates.

The spokesman said that under this policy, licence fee of Rs one lakh per acre would be levied for medium potential towns and Rs 10,000 per acre for low potential towns. Similarly, External Development Charges would be payable at the rate of Rs 10 lakh per acre for medium potential zone, Rs 7.5 lakh per acre for all the District Headquarters falling within low potential zone and Rs five lakh per acre for all other towns falling within low potential zone, he added.

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