Former SC Judge Katju speaks on fake encounters- Punjab issues

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Known for passing blunt comments on various issues, former Supreme Court Judge, retired Justice Markandey Katju has once again made statements to spice up various issues pertaining to country and specially Punjab. Katju insists on death penalty for cops involved in fake encounters.

Justice Markandey Katju is the former Chairman, Press Council of India. Prior to his appointment as Chairman, Press Council of India, he served as a Judge at the Supreme Court of India and is known for making national headlines by his ‘controversial’ statements.

The Free Media Initiative, a media house run by senior journalist Kanwar Sandhu, interviewed him during his visit to Chandigarh on Friday and he spoke about fake encounter cases in Punjab and various other issues.

The video became viral soon it was posted on social media. You will find interesting what Katju stated.

Video courtesy- Free Media Initiative (FMI)

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