Forensic Expert releases her book ‘Forensic Handwriting Solutions’

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Realising the increasing involvement of forensic science in solving the crime cases- particularly the white collar crime, like forgery and fabrication of fake documents, Dr. Jassy Anand, a Forensic Expert has come out with a book ‘Forensic Handwriting Solutions’. The book was released on Saturday.

Speaking about the book, Jassy Anand said that she was practicing as a forensic expert for the last 18 years and during this long span of her career, while handling different type of cases pertaining to forensic science and appearing before various courts, she realised the importance and relevance of forensic science as forgery, fabrication and white collar crimes had become order of the day but there were no authentic scientific methods to help the victims and to advance the cause of justice.

This prompted her to write the book to benefit all the concerned, including lawyers, judges, victims of such crimes, budding forensic experts and public at large to make them understand as to how this science can be put into use to detect various crimes and to help the victim to get justice, legal fraternity to conduct their cases in a more effective and appropriate manner and budding forensic experts to prepare their reports correctly and public at large to detect forgery and fabrication with a naked eye.

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