Doctor clears the air on cancer and other deadly diseases before lawyers

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Loads of stress in today’s time results in a lot of hormonal changes in the body. This is especially true in the case of lawyers, whose routine is very tough. Although stress can cause a number of physical health problems, the evidence that it can cause cancer is weak. “Some studies have indicated a link between various psychological factors and an increased risk of developing cancer, but others have not,” said Dr Amulya, Histopathologist, Amulya’s Lab, Chandigarh.

This was discussed at a session on ‘Early Cancer Diagnosis’ and other diseases with Dr Amulya in collaboration with Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association held on Tuesday.

Stressing upon the initial symptoms of cancer, Dr Amulya said if anybody has non-aching lump or node in the body they should get it diagnosed by a pathologist.

Explaining further, Dr Amulya said while living in a ‘stress factory’ one should also get tested for a disorder called ‘recreational distress’ i.e cigarette, alcohol and other drugs etc. There may be behavioural changes due to loads of stress, so one must get routine test done at regular intervals. “Also get yourself screened for cancer as Chandigarh is in high risk zone as per a report of PGIMER and Tata Memorial Cancer Institute,” added Dr Amulya.



Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association Vice President G.B.S Dhillon said there were many of lawyers’ family who were suffering from cancer or have lost their family members to the disease.

“Such sessions are important for every person, be it a lawyer or someone else,” Sumit Jain, Secretary, High Court Bar Association said. As many as 250 lawyers attended the session where Dr Amulya debunked the myths regarding cancer. Talking about the liquid biopsy she mentioned the issue of much advertised liquid biopsy and said that it is a molecular test targeting detection of cell free DNA. It’s use is presently in diagnosing certain diseases in baby before birth. For this, it has been established that some amount of cell free DNA of the baby circulates in the mother`s blood. This can be used to detect diseases like Down`s syndrome in the baby. It’s applicability to cancer diagnosis is still under research. Although theoretically it does offer a great promise, presently its utility is in monitoring cancer spread and therapy especially in lung cancer.

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