Are there more black cats who were involved in fake counters in Punjab?

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After decades of denial by the Punjab Police that its officers unlawfully killed innocent Sikhs in fake encounters, Gurmeet Singh Pinki, a former blackcat, known as an encounter specialist has now revealed that how hundreds of people were eliminated in fake encounters during the days of sikh militancy in 80s and 90s.

Pinki, recruited as constable and later promoted to the rank of Inspector, was stated to be very close to Punjab known top cop Sumedh Singh Singh, has admitted that Saini killed Sikh and Punjabi youth with his own hands.

Gurmeet Pinki, spoke at length to well known and a very senior journalist Kanwar Sandhu, now the editor of Free Media Initiative about such incidents and involvement of top Punjab police cops.

For detail, watch six part series of the interview of Gurmeet Pinki by Kanwar Sandhu-

Pinki’s proximity with the high ups could be gauged from the fact that after being sentenced for 14 years for killing a Ludhiana resident Avtar Singh, not only his sentence was shortened but also he was reinstated back with demotion as head constable and the DIG who passed orders in this regard reportedly termed him as “an outstanding policeman, an asset to the department having a proven record of exemplary and extraordinary work.”

The reinstatement orders of the DIG were revoked by the IG, Zonal a day later.

Though orders of Pinki’s reinstatement were revoked but question is- can a DIG level officer dare to reinstate such a controversial cop without taking Deputy Chief Minister and then DGP- Sumedh Singh Saini into confidence?

Sub-Inspector Surjit Singh (in police uniform)

Sub-Inspector Surjit Singh (in police uniform)

This is not the first time when a Punjab police cop has made such revelations. Two years ago, Sub-Inspector (SI) Surjit Singh had made a public statement describing the atrocities committed by him and security forces in the early 1990s. Surjit Singh admitted that then Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Paramjit Singh Gill of Amritsar district ordered him to kill 83 men in fake encounters. He had also admitted the fact in a petition filed before Punjab and Haryana High Court. However, the bench refused to entertain the contentions raised by him.

PPCC president Capt Amarinder Singh has sought an enquiry to look into the allegations made by Pinki.

The revelations also raise doubt that Pinki is only one. There may by hundreds of cats who are living under false identities in India or abroad. Will more of them come out to expose more such incidents?

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