Panchayats are being treated as ‘puppets’ by Akalis: Khaira

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Claiming that Badals had robbed the basic rights of more than 13,000 Gram Panchayts of state, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s State Convenor Sucha Singh Chhotepur and Spokesman Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Saturday said that Akalis had ruined the basic Panchayati Raj System, which was one of the basic strength of Indian democracy.


“Panchayats are being forced to work like ‘Puppets’ on the instructions of Akali Jathedars”, Chhotepur and Khaira accompanied by AAP leader Aman Arora said, adding that now Panchayats were left with virtually zero percent role in the rural development as every decision is being taken by the ‘Political Bosses” and funds were also being distributed according to their wish.

Chhotepur said that it is ‘murder’ of democracy, as funds allocated for rural development are being spent in a way that some particular persons are benefitted and supporters of opposition parties are being denied any development. 

“During poll campaign, Akalis make big promises to bring democracy at Panchayat level but ultimately they adopt divide and rule policy at village level with corruption in the helm of affairs during funds distribution”, Khaira said. Sant Samj

While unveiling some documents pertaining to 39 Panchayats of Dhilwan block, Khaira claimed that grants of Rs 25 crore were being distributed and 50 per cent of such funds were embezzled by the Akali Jathedars. 

Khaira revealed that he would soon file a writ petition in Punjab and Haryana High Court so that Panchayats may have freedom from the political clutches for the rural development.

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